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Smithfield Fair

The core of entertainment since the festivals inception. Smithfield Fair will return in 2022. Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the band blends original, Celtic-based songs with aspects of bluegrass, Appalachian, and other forms of American music. Their unique sound is sure to leave you pining for the "auld country". 

Emerald Accent.webp

Emerald Accent

With backgrounds in Irish, Bluegrass, and Classical genres, this band prides itself in their Irish and Scottish traditional styles and will set your toes to tapping! based out of Laurel, MS., they are at home playing ceilidhs or performing slow soothing jigs and waltzes. This group also provides live music for the Jackson Irish Dancers.  



Based in Dallas, Texas, This trio of musicians will wow you with their rocked up  arrangements of traditional jigs and reels along with many  original compositions. A combination of electric guitar, bagpipes, fiddle and didgeridoo, their music keeps you "young, free and Celtic"!

Highland Reign.webp

Highland Reign

This international touring Scots folk rock band hails from Indianapolis.  Coming to the Scottish Tartan Festival for the first time in 2022, this band takes the tunes of the old country and breathes new life into them. Their trademark vocals, lilting Scotch-Irish fiddle and wailing bagpipe/guitar will rock you back to yer auld highland hame!


Jackson Irish Dancers.webp

Jackson Irish Dancers

Based in Jackson, Mississippi, they are  returning to the festival after a hiatus of a couple of years. They will dance to live music as well as recorded music and present a dance workshop at this year's event.

Thistle Pipers and Dancers.webp

Thistle Dancers & Pipers

This is a group of talented young people who perform the traditional Highland dances and music of Scotland. The Thistle Dancers and Pipers are located in Natchitoches, LA and will make their debut at Scottish Tartan Festival in 2022!

Inishfree Irish Dancers.webp

Inishfree School of Irish Dance

Based in Dallas, Texas, these young ladies will be joining Scottish Tartan Festival in 2022 for the first time.

The Gems Dance Co.webp

Gems Dance Company

 This merry band of belly dancers have been entertaining the Ark-La-Tex since 2009. Their dance styles include American and Egyptian Cabaret, Folkloric belly dance, Spanish Fusion, Steampunk, and SCA inspired Medieval dance. They are joined onstage by Logjam who drum for some dance numbers. This year at Tartan Festival, performances will include a Steampunk set featuring troupe and solo performances, a Fusion Delight set featuring live drumming and a guest piper!

Dog Show


Meet Remi

A Queen of Barkus & Meoux & a judge for this year's festival

Ribbon Dog_edited.jpg
Scottish Bulldog_edited.jpg

Two Separate Shows

A show for Scottish Breeds

A show for Non-Scottish Breeds


Ribbons and Prizes

Meet & Greet - 10:30 AM

Show Starts - 11:00 AM


Gaelic Workshop_edited.jpg

Conducted by Scottish Gaelic Scholar, David Gressett, learn some basics of the Scots Gaelic language and maybe even sing the children’s song, Old MacDonald in Gaelic!

Kirking of the Tartans


This ceremony is held at noon following the Grand March of Clans. The brief ceremony will be led by Scottish Society Chaplain, Kim Long, and symbolizes the persistence and strong independence of our Scottish forebears as we publicly display our Clan Tartans which were banned for so long in the past by the English government. 


Highland Cattle Herding_edited.jpg

Enjoy the antics of the dog herding of Highland Scottish Cattle. The cattle will be herded into the corral between 10:30 and 12:00 noon, with demonstration of commands happening between 12:30 and 1:00PM.


Check for updates to schedule

Red River Smiths


See history come alive as the members of the Red River Smiths demonstrate blacksmithing skills of yesteryear. 

Red River Pipes
& Drums

Red River Pipes and Drums.webp

a marching band based out of Shreveport, LA under the direction of Pipe Major James Parker.  they perform in venues around the Ark-La-Tex such as parades, Highland Games and bagpipe competitions. They also perform at smaller events requiring only one or two pipers. 



This is an event sponsored by Shreveport HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). This will occur at various times throughout the day. 



 Jim Greene creates tartan using wool yarn on a wooden loom. He typically demonstrates weaving a blanket of the official State of Louisiana Tartan.



Dannie Jones demonstrates this historic method of spinning thread by hand.



a group of hobbyists known as the “Chip-lot-a’s” demonstrate  Flintknapping. They make arrowheads and other items out of rock.

Bids of Prey Exhibit

Bird of Prey.jpg

Courtesy of Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Park in Blanchard, Louisiana, meet a falcon and hawk in person. Master Falconer Rusty Scarborough  will teach how to identify these birds through certain identifying characteristics, as well as how they hunt for prey.



Olaf will demonstrate whitesmithing (working with pewter) and Melissa will be giving pony rides on her Norwegian Fjord horse as well as lamb cuddles with her newborn twin Icelandic Sheep.


Bodhran Workshop.jpg

Led by Tom McCandlish of Emerald Accent, this workshop is designed to give an insight into Irish musical culture and to teach each participant skills needed to play the Bodhran (Irish drum).


Haggis Eating Contest_edited.jpg

An annual competitive eating competition in which a representative of each clan attempts to down a one lb. haggis in record time.  The defending champion in 2022 is Brad Petree, of Clan MacGregor.

Bonniest Knees

Bonniest Knees.jpg

One of the more entertaining events at the festival. The Bonniest Knees Contest is open to a limited number of men in kilts, whose knees will be felt and judged by a blindfolded lady. Defending champion this year is Pitt Merriman.


Children's Area.jpg

Dance around the Maypole, get your face painted, create giant bubbles, hunt for leprechaun gold, listen to a story or watch a puppet show.

Jeff Stewart

Storyteller Jeff Stewart.jpg

Veteran storyteller, Cryptozoologist, television personality and author of books about monsters such as Bigfoot and the Goat Man, Jeff is a direct descendant of Robert The Bruce and the Royal Stewarts of Scotland. He likes to focus on the stories with a theme of ghostly and monstrous legends and lore. Are you getting goosebumps yet?

Jeff D. Hurely

Storyteller Hurely.jpg

 A festival veteran, Jeff will regale you with tales of Celtic adventure, humor, and excitement! Having spent most of his life on stage performing, he is an expert in captivating an audience. Be sure not to miss a single thrilling tale!


Medieval Camp.jpg

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Shire of Ardanroe chapter will join us for Medieval Combat demonstrations as well as setting up a camp with demonstrations of skills and arts common to the medieval times.

Kilt Making

Kilt Making.jpg

Featured in our row of artisans and crafters will be Casey Lynn Bevens, demonstrating hand-sewn kilt-making. She'll be demonstrating with the Isle of Skye tartan!



Take a trip around scenic Scotland Farms and see the Scottish Highland Cattle. You may even spot a baby “coo” or two.

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