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Our Mission Statement

The Scottish Tartan Festival is held annually each spring in April to commemorate the rich culture of our Celtic ancestors who came to this country in decades past. It is our hope to contribute to the awareness and knowledge of the Scottish, Irish and Celtic heritage in the region of Northeast and Central Louisiana, East Texas, and South Arkansas. Providing examples of traditional music and dance and demonstrating historical trades, martial arts and games are some of the ways we attempt to achieve this goal.

Starting out as a picnic for Scottish Society of the Louisiana Highlands members on the present-day site of Scotland Farms, a farm of Highland Cattle owned by Dr. Alan Cameron, the event grew each year until it became the full-fledged festival it is today.

For more info on The Scottish Society of The Louisiana Highlands, go to:

How can I support the Festival?

Vendors and Clans can rent tent space at the festival

By becoming a member of the Scottish Society of the Louisiana Highlands.  The festival is sponsored and produced by this small group of individuals who meet on a monthly basis in Shreveport.  To become a member and get involved:

send an email to: or call (318)393-2693.

simply by donating to The Scottish Society of The Louisiana Highlands

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